10X (W/V) SDS-PAGE Running buffer (Tris-glycine)

protein separation in denatured condition on Tris-Glycine gels.
Tris-Glycine gels provide a separation of protein with wide range into well-resolved bands.
Convenient to use.
Reduce inhalation and contact hazards associated with weighing and preparing.

Form: Liquid
Content: Tris, glycine and SDS (pH 8.2-8.4)
Storage: Store container at room temperature.
Usage: Dilute 10X (w/v) SDS-PAGE Running buffer (Tris-glycine) to a 1X solution using water.
Shipping: Room temperature


Price and Availability

Catalog no. Pack size Price
RBG-001 500 mL 2,200 BAHT


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