5X Protein loading dye

Premixed protein sample buffers are available for protein applications, including native PAGE and SDS-PAGE analysis.
Convenient to use for SDS-PAGE sample preparation

Form: Liquid
Content: 2% SDS, 25% Glycerol, 60 mM Tris-HCL and 0.5%
bromophenol blue dye, pH 6.8.
Usage: Freshly mix with 1 M DTT. Ratio Loading dye: 1 M DTT is 3:2.
Storage: Upon receipt store at -20°C. After open is stable for one year.
Shipping: Product is shipped in cool condition.


Price and Availability

Catalog no. Pack size Price
PLD-001 1 ml x 5 (5 mL) 300 BAHT

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Enzmart protein markers are our first commercial product. Made to the highest international specifications but priced very competitively, these will help lower the cost and procurement time of laboratory reagents for researchers in Thailand.